Press Release.

Rare German warplanes salvaged.
An Airplane wreck of Germany's most advanced night fighter from World War II HE-219 is now being salvaged in Tannis Bay, the aircraft was equipped with ejection seats and is so rare that there is only one aircraft of the type in the U.S..

The plane is found by Northern Jutland sport divers and subsequently identified, the Danish-Air Historical Society has salvage rights in collaboration with the dive company JD-Contractor in Holstebro raise the wreck on Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 in the coming week

The wreck will after the salvage operation be transferred to a North Jutland Museum where restoration and preservation will take place.

Comments and contacts regarding salvage operation.

Denmark - Flight History - Company.
FlyarkŠolog / historian Ib L°dsen Tel.+45 21847774

Diving Company: Director Gert Norman Andersen Tel.+45 23254011

Fund / History: and inspection of salvage place.
Kim Christiansen Tel. +45 51881411


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